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She just described 99% of Tumblr

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Rostislav Zagornov on ArtStation

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Innoventions/Future World entrance area music - 'Cascades'.

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Even though I follow people on here and look at what they post I mostly just keep it for myself and find things I connect with and sometimes use it for later. Does that make sense?

I getcha.  I guess, I mean….i dunno.  It just seems a lot of blogs I started following for one reason or another switched content, or people left, or I dunno.

It just feels different and less than exciting.

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DC Comics Ask Creators For 'Daring, Blue Sky Thinking' Pitches After The Band Aid - Think Batgirl, Gotham Academy And Harley Quinn - Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movie, TV News

Again, no words

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Really trying to find why  am still on here.  I mean, there are people I follow that I call friends but the overall feel of this site…I’m just not good with it anymore.

I guess I just used to have more fun on here.

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